12 April 2010


the loveliest three-day family funfest ended with a bang: todd's 38th birthday celebration!

first huck picked out his own outfit for the day (seriously, he really did).

then we walked to the tin shed for breakfast where todd and huck began what i'm sure is the first of many cartoon-drawing sessions.

then we all took a nap.

when we woke up we played some games, todd and tj went to the park to play frisbee, and when we got hungry in the afternoon we assembled a little charcuterie plate to nibble on while we worked on an apple-blueberry crisp.

todd and huck cracked the walnuts from grandpa lew's walnut tree

and then huck sprinkled the nutty-buttery topping onto the fruit (again, i swear it's true).

while tj stayed home with huck, todd and i went to gruner. holy freaking moly, it was amazing! the food and the date were really darn great.

we were way too full after dinner to eat dessert at the restaurant, so we came home and drank tea (and ate fruit cobbler and almond cookies) in our pajamas.

thanks for such a great day, husband. happy birthday and we love you so much. xo, me and huckleberry.

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