15 January 2010


this photo was taken from the window of the plane that recently flew us from omaha to seattle (can you find the space needle?).

i say recently because i'm trying to detract from the fact that we've been home for three whole weeks and haven't posted any new entries to the blog. it's not that there's nothing to report, in fact, the exact opposite is true: omaha was a snappy, snowy, winter wonderland; tricia and mark had a really sweet and heartfelt wedding; and huckleberry is walking and talking up a storm. it's more that since we've been home we've been feeling really busy with work, and building the spacecraft shop, and our family, and our pregnant friends' baby showers (!), and, ok fine, just a couple of movies ('julie and julia' and 'where the wild things are'). but believe you me, as soon as we return from this little jaunt in seattle, we'll be uploading photos like crazy.

until then, have a fantastic weekend (hopefully it's a long one) and we'll see you back here on monday! xo.